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Welcome to my website. I write under two names and am the author of more than 15 historical romances laced with mystery and suspense.

If you’re after passionate, sizzling historicals, my Beverley Oakley novels feature debutantes, widows and the occasional courtesan navigating an often perilous social system in Georgian, Regency and Victorian England.

For sweeping Africa-set romantic adventures featuring bush pilot heroes navigating dangerous terrain, diamonds and medicine murder, look out for ‘Kingdom of the Sky’, my next release under my Beverley Eikli name. I also write intense and plot-driven psychological historicals under the same name.

Ideally, I would choose one time period – and setting – and stick to it. But I can’t. My roots are in Lesotho, Africa; I grew up in Australia, developed a passion for eighteenth and nineteenth century history while working in the UK in my twenties, and then I married a Norwegian pilot I met while I was managing a safari lodge in Botswana and have spent a great deal of time in beautiful Scandinavia, though I’m now based in Melbourne.

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Next Release

Wicked Rogues. Handsome Aristocrats. Destined for love, one and all! Beverley Oakley, Donna Cummings, and Heather Boyd have teamed up to bring you three utterly romantic love stories to warm your heart this Valentine’s Day – pre-order Fool for Love now!

Fool for Love



Release Date: 17 JANUARY, 2017 Pre-order now!

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Read an excerpt here.

At last… the final book in the Daughters of Sin series

Lady Unveiled – The Cuckold Conspiracy

Lady Unveiled - The Cuckold Conspiracy

Yes! Araminta finally gets her comeuppance in Lady Unveiled – The Cuckold Conspiracy – while her brave, loyal and enterprising sisters get the real happy ending they deserve.

In each of the previous books, the respective heroine – one of two nobly born, and two illegitimate sisters have had to make do with a Happy-for-Now scenario, as has sweet Sybil, the once-lonely and unhappy mother to two of the daughters.

There’s spoilt and vain Araminta – very different from her sweet, plain nobly born sister, Hetty; hard-working governess, Lissa, patiently and bravely using her skills behind the scenes to bring down a villain so she and her beloved can marry.

And lovely actress, Kitty, desperate to find respectability but choosing love, only to find that her happy-ever-after comes at the expense of someone just as deserving.

Now it’s time to give them all what they really deserve, as scandals from the previous books are revisited and unravelled, rivalries are dissected, and scores are settled.

This is the book where love triumphs – for everyone! (Well, everyone who deserves love.)

Release Date: March 20, 2017

Pre-order now:

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Read more about the Daughters of Sin series, here.  Other books in the series are available at | Amazon UK | B&N | iTunes | Kobo

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