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Gorgeous gowns and lavish ebook offer

Sophie in Elizabethan gownI’ve not tried making an Elizabethan gown before so was quite enthusiastic when my daughter requested one for her sixteenth birthday. Actually, she wanted the French hood which Anne Boleyn had made popular and it rather snowballed from there.

After poring over dozens of paintings and pictures we did a mockup of her French hood using cardboard, then pleated fine linen and sewed on pearls and came up with this headdress, here.In my fabric

For the gown, I had in my fabric stash the gold upholstery fabric and, with the help of a burgundy tablecloth from the op shop we came up with this. I’m sure the Elizabethans utilised whatever they could, too; for us, irrigation tubing held out the skirt instead of the more restrictive farthingale.

A rather special Free ebook promotion

On the subject of lavish gowns, here’s another display of beautiful attire – for men and women, though these are a couple of hundred years after the Elizabethan period.

Free eBook Regency Romance - R2 - Red 1200x628

Together with historical romance authors Maggi Andersen, Jade Lee, Emily Murdoch and Carole Mortimer, I’m in a week-long promotion with a book each we’re offering for free only on this platform. In other words, it’s full price everywhere else except for here. So be transported to a world of magic, make-believe and romance just by clicking here.

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