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The Accidental Elopement

The Accidental Elopement

I battle with deadlines. The only way I can finish anything is to set a deadline in stone – with no way out – so that’s why I’ve got in the habit of setting up a pre-order three months out on Amazon. If I miss my deadline, my punishment is to be locked out of doing a preorder for a year. Harsh, but it works for me.

When I finished writing Book 3 in the Scandalous Miss Brightwell series – Devil’s Run – I’d already written half of its sequel The Accidental Elopement in my head.

I was sure I’d easily finish the last half in no time, so at half way through, I confidently put the book up for pre-order thinking that three months would be plenty of time to get it written, professionally edited, and uploaded with days to spare.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy. By two-thirds of the way through I realised that original blurb was now completely overridden by the unexpected developments in the new story. I had no idea Katherine and Jack’s real story would take place seven years after the initial action. But it did, and today, with the help of my two fantastic critique partners, Lexi Greene and Nina, I’ve refined the blurb and got to the essence of the romance.

Jack and Katherine were lively children and I thought Katherine would become the reckless debutante her mother – Fanny Brightwell from Book 1 – was. Instead, she turned out to be like Jack. Both are honourable adults and each has learned what’s important in life: love – but not at the expense of integrity, which is what makes acting on their love for each other impossible.

With the blurb refined, I’ll now find it much easier to race to the heartfelt ending Katherine and Jack deserve so that it is, in fact, ready to make its debut on February 23. Yay!

So, here it is – the latest blurb for The Accidental Elopement.

I hope you like it.

Releases Feb 23, 2018

A seven-year secret. A tragic misunderstanding. Can love outwit fate in this twisted tale of misadventure and thwarted dreams?

Earl Quamby’s niece, Katherine, and Jack, a foundling home lad adopted by a local family, have been loyal friends for as long as they can remember.

As Jack is about to leave England to make his fortune and Katherine is being courted by two eligible suitors, they unexpectedly realise their friendship has blossomed into passionate love. A love, they are warned, that has no future.

Despite a brave attempt to defy the forces keeping them apart, tragedy results and the pair is separated.

When chance throws them together seven years later, Katherine, newly widowed, is being pressured into a marriage not of her choosing to avoid scandal and Jack feels he must honour his pledge to the worthy Odette whom he met in India and whose father is dying.

Katherine knows that revealing a long-held secret may win Jack to her but she also knows conflicting obligations from past and present may tear him apart.

Can master matchmakers, Fanny, Antoinette and Bertram Brightwell, outwit fate in its latest attempt to keep these star-crossed lovers apart and deliver them the happiness they deserve?

This is Book 4 in the Scandalous Miss Brightwell series but it can be read as a stand-alone.

And if that’s piqued your interest, you can pre-order it here:


All other retailers here.

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