I’ve been a pilot’s wife for too long to imagine I’ll be able to stay put for any great length of time.

So it’s just as well that writing has always been my stock-in-trade, first as a journalist, and now as a writer of historical fiction.

During the past 20 wonderful years of married life, I’ve lived in 12 countries, so I’ve been spoiled. Variety really is the spice of life, and that spills into my writing.

Perhaps that’s why I need two writing names - Beverley Eikli and, for stories with more sensuality, Beverley Oakley.

As Beverley Eikli I write historicals laced with mystery and suspense, some set in different time periods, including the English Civil War and 1960s Lesotho.

My latest is a Regency-set psychological romantic suspense. Titles The Maid of Milan, it has been likened to ‘Dynasty’ with its drug addiction, blackmail and love triangle.

When my heroine, Adelaide’s former secret lover returns from abroad, a celebrity due to the success of his lurid collection of poems, society is as keen to know the identity of the muse who inspired his sensational new book ‘The Maid of Milan’ as my heroine is to protect her newfound love and her husband’s political career.

The Maid of Milan is available from: Amazon UK, Amazon US, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository

Also just published, but under my Beverley Oakley name, is ‘Dangerous Gentlemen’ published by Ellora’s Cave. It, too, is full of intrigue, and peopled with spies and traitors - as well as an innocent viscount’s daughter who poses as a prostitute to save her life when she’s visited by a suspected traitor to the crown.


Late last year, my Napoleonic espionage romantic suspense The Reluctant Bride was published by Choc Lit.

It spans the years between the September Massacres of the French Revolution in 1792 and the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and has been called, variously, a ‘slow boil romance that turns into an exciting action thriller’; and ‘the darker side of The Regency’.

It won Choc Lit’s Search for an Australian Star competition and was shortlisted for Favourite Historical Romance 2013 by Australian Romance Readers Association.

It’s also just been been nominated for a RONE Award - “Spotlighting the very best and rewarding excellence in the 2013 Indie and Small Publishing Industry”.


Robyn Koshel: “The only way I can describe it, is as a Regency version of Dynasty. It has everything, secrets, lies,blackmail, love triangles, death, drug addiction, jealousy, affairs, scandals, oh and some bodice ripping too- the only thing it is missing is Joan Collins. However, I think Mrs. Henley, Adelaide’s mother runs a close second.

“The book has the genteel opulence of Anthony Trollope’s The Pallisers but underneath the waving fans it is all gritty intrigue.”

Jill: “It is very difficult to put this novel down as the end of each chapter leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next. The story is not as predictable as you might expect and the reader lurches between 2 (or more) possibilities for an ending.”


Romances with various backgrounds include Colonial Lesotho, English Civil War, Regency, The Okavango; Georgian and Victorian

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