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A Little Deception

A Little Deception

by Beverley Eikli
A Little Deception by Beverley Eikli Book Cover

A Little Deception

Unexpected wedding bells, revenge & a brazen diamond heist.

When loyal and determined Rose Chesterfield persuades London’s most eligible rake not to call in a debt that would ruin her family, she never expected marriage.

Guilty of an innocent deception to win the heart of the man who’d intended to make her his mistress, Rose is determined to prove her worth to her new husband. But her beautiful, scheming sister-in-law Helena is intent on branding Rose an adulterous diamond thief. Will Rose succeed in persuading society – and her husband – that the truth is not what it appears?

* Regency Romance shortlisted for an Australian Romance Readers’ Award.

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Quick Facts

Publish Date: September 26, 2012
Print ISBN: 9780709092636
Page Length: 224 pages, hardcover
Heat Rating: Sweet – Sensual Romance

Praise for A Little Deception

4 Stars

I enjoy a good historical romance, and this was a pretty good one. Full of scandal, drama and true love. I couldn’t put it down. The development between Rampton and Rose makes for a great love story and I love to hate Helena. If you like historical romance, then you should definitely get this one. Nickinic – Ebooks Galore

4 Stars

The lead character – Rose – finds herself embroiled in a deception of her own making, that ultimately threatens to thwart her true desire. The deception – undertaken to protect the family from the careless behaviour of her sister-in-law Helena – even once know by the object of her desire, haunts the relationship, causing misunderstanding between Rose and her dashing new husband. Helena is angered by Rose’s good fortune and sets out to muddy the waters further, culminating in putting Rose’s life at risk, but as in all romantic tales, the dashing husband realises what is happening, just in time to save the day.

This is easy reading, but the story doesn’t suffer for that. SunnyB (Somerset, UK)

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