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Daring Damsels: Regency Collection

Daring Damsels: Regency Collection

by Beverley Eikli
Daring Damsels Anthology by Beverley Eikli Book Cover

Daring Damsels Anthology

Three exciting romantic adventures for the price of one – for a limited time – featuring heroines who become embroiled in mystery, intrigue and adventure as they assume false identities to achieve their hearts’ desires.

A spoiled heiress who assumes the identity of a shipwrecked governess falls in love with her new employer who has his own secrets.

A beautiful widow whose reputation has been wrongly tarnished embarks upon a dangerous charade to reclaim her child, burdened by a terrible secret that threatens her newfound love.

A determined miss who pretends to be married in order to save the family plantation is framed by a jealous adversary for a series of diamond thefts. Now she must convince the handsome rake who believes she tricked him into marriage that she is innocent.

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Quick Facts

Publish Date: August 24, 2015
Heat Rating: Sensual Romance

A Little About ‘Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly’….

Olivia has overdone her efforts to infiltrate Mr Atherton’s home in order discover the whereabouts of her son but they’ve been effective. Her fall from a horse during a thunderstorm has whipped up the landowner’s chivalric instincts and Olivia has recently awoken to find herself staring into a face that reminds her, terrifyingly, of her late husband’s, although this one looks kind.

Read on to learn more of Olivia’s dilemma.

If he were the antithesis of his cousin, Olivia had not the first idea how to appeal to the instincts of a man who was charming, kind and well meaning and would no doubt be horrified to learn Olivia’s past.

No, Olivia had learned how to play the devil.

However that was of no account. Olivia would be gone by dinner time. Her mission now was simply to discover what distinguished Max Atherton from his late cousin so she could better craft her next anonymous entreaty to have her son returned to her care.

Dropping her hands she stared, distracted, at her reflection, then rose and began pacing as she gnawed her little fingernail.

What should she do? What should she do?

For so long she’d not made a single important decision on her own. Everything had been decided for her from what she did each day to what she wore.

As she swung round she studied herself properly. The simple blue gown flattered her light hair and peaches and cream colouring. She looked young and — frowning — she thought, innocent.

Innocent? She gave a mocking smile as the familiar poisonous misery flooded thickly into her veins.

Carefully she smiled again: the kind of smile she’d practiced so many times as a seventeen-year-old debutante determined to rise above the rest and waltz off with the season’s most eligible catch.

Then she thought of young Julian, her darling baby, and her whole body throbbed with pain and longing. With a sob she covered her face with her hands. Forcing herself to breathe steadily, to slay the demons that mocked her from the darkness, she focused on the task at hand. Max seemed as unlike Lucien as it was possible to be. What if his kindness wasn’t an act? The interest in his eye when he’d looked at her suggested he…

The flare of excitement she felt was quickly extinguished by self disgust.

How she hated the effect she had on men. Turning quickly away from the sight of her reflection, she knocked the silver-backed hand mirror to the floor.

She froze. Dread engulfed her as she waited, ears attuned to the sound of approaching footsteps and a possible witness to her crime. Lucien had been violently superstitious. He’d have beaten her if she’d broken a mirror in his house.

She stared at the object at her feet, at its back of figured silver which gave no indication as to whether the glass were shattered. There was no sound of footsteps, but of course it was ridiculous to imagine Mr Atherton or his servants would keep such a vigilant eye upon her. Those days were gone, though it was often hard to believe it.

Slowly she bent. If the mirror were smashed she would leave immediately.

But if it was not …

Heart racing, not knowing what outcome she wanted, she turned the mirror over…

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