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Fair Cyprians of London series

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Inspired by Nineteenth-century journalist Henry Mayhew’s investigative ‘London’s Underworld’, these two stories (with more to come) – are based on real life accounts of prostitutes – fictionalised, of course.

Saving Grace

A rich man’s hobby is a poor girl’s ruin during the early years of photography

It’s 1878 and London’s most beautiful and hard-hearted courtesan, Grace Fortune, is preparing for her next job. She’s the special initiation ‘gift’ procured by a mother in fashionable Mayfair for her son’s twenty-first birthday.

When Grace discovers she is to be servicing the man whose secret she’d guarded at the cost of her once-secure position in a grand country house and whose betrayal has plunged her into this hated life, she wants revenge.

But with a mystery suddenly revealed, what Grace gets instead is something quite unexpected.

(This book was originally published by Pan Macmillan Momentum and has since been revised.)

Heat rate: Sizzling

“Cute novella with Harlequin sensibility… Grace, a young prostitute at a posh brothel, accepts a seemingly easy gig, i.e. to dispatch some rich guy’s virginity on his 21st birthday.She expects a whingy beta-boner clinging to mama’s skirts, but surprise!…Ellen Wood & Mary Elizabeth Braddon — those badass broads of sensational Victoriana — would be proud of this improbable, soapy storyline. (Not coincidentally, I also approve. :D)”

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Forsaking Hope

Two years ago, she missed their secret assignation and disappeared without a trace.

Now the divine “Miss Hope” is in Felix Durham’s bed – a gift to lift his spirits, sourced by friends from London’s most exclusive brothel.

Felix can’t lose her again, but Hope Merriweather is bound to her new life by dark secrets and a twisted code.

Having sacrificed everything, she must choose again: Honour or her heart’s desire?

Only, this time she must face the truth. It’s not her heart, alone, that will be broken.

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