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Devil’s Run ~ Book 3

The matchmaking Brightwell sisters have a new mission: to rescue two lost souls and unite their passionate hearts.

When Miss Eliza Montrose’s extraordinary bravery wins her the respect of matchmaking queens Fanny and Antoinette Brightwell, the sisters decide they must find a worthier suitor for the young woman they’d initially disliked.

But Eliza has her own reasons for agreeing to marry their odious cousin, George Bramley. Reasons that have nothing to do with love!

When handsome, honorable Rufus Patmore presents as a perfect match, the unbeatable Brightwells press the prospective beau and place him in Eliza’s path. But it will be the outcome of the East Anglia Derby, and the prospects of a horse named Devil’s Run, that determines the futures of Eliza, Rufus and George.

Has the magic of the Brightwell sisters met its match, or will Devil’s Run steal the day and unite the hearts of two star-crossed lovers?

**This is book 3 in the Scandalous Miss Brightwells series, though it can be read as a stand-alone.

Book 1: Rake’s Honour
Book 2: Rogue’s Kiss
Book 3: Devil’s Run
Book 4: The Accidental Elopement (preorder now)

What readers are saying about other books in the series:

“Very intriguing Austen-esque novel with well developed characters and story line. The best historical romance novel I’ve read in a while.” ~ Amazon reader.

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