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Rake’s Honour ~ Book 1

Fanny is used to trading on her wits and beauty to ensure her family retains its tenuous hold on respectability. While her reprobate brother gambles away their fortune, and her feather-brained sister threatens to destroy the girls’ collective reputation by succumbing to any lure cast her way, Fanny is regarded as the Brightwell family’s saviour.

Pressured by her mother into accepting a marriage offer from lecherous Lord Slyther, Fanny is given one final opportunity to withdraw from her nuptials, provided she secures an equally rich and titled suitor within two weeks. Otherwise, she can look forward to a lifetime attending to Great Aunt Seraphina’s chilblains.

This is the story of Fanny’s perilous gamble amidst a London season’s offerings of debutantes with far greater address – but far less cunning – for the ultimate prize: dashing, delicious, daring Lord Fenton.

Note: Rake’s Honour is not a traditional Regency. It’s a sizzling tale due to the desperate circumstances in which the heroine finds herself. Do not read if you are offended by high levels of intimacy. The heat level varies for each book in the series, depending on the respective characters.

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