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Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly

Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly

by Beverley Eikli
Lady Farquhar's Butterfly by Beverley Eikli Book Cover

Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly

A beautiful widow’s newfound love is threatened by the terms of her late husband’s will. 
Once, Lady Olivia was London’s most feted, carefree debutante until her elopement with the rakish and irresistible Lord Farquhar revealed the darker side of marriage.

Released by his death, the traumatised beauty adopts a false identity to reclaim her child, unaware she’s about to exchange her painful past for an even more perilous future.

Falling in love with her son’s guardian, kind and honourable Max Atherton, seems the answer to Olivia’s dreams – until she discovers she unwittingly holds the key to a dark secret. A secret that, if made public, will destroy Max’s future and his love for Olivia.

Only a brave and true man can unravel Olivia’s twisted past in time to save her joining her husband beyond the grave.

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Quick Facts

Publish Date: November 20, 2013
Print ISBN: 978-1478317166
Print Length: 270 pages
Heat Rating: Sensual Romance

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Praise for Lady Farquar’s Butterfly

Books Monthly

‘Charming Regency romance that rivals Georgette Heyer, although it has a slightly more serious tone than Heyer’s romances. A perfect heroine, and the plot is dizzyingly simple but effective.’

Long and Short Reviews

‘Beverley Eikli’s concise, smooth, and subtle writing reveals characters and their motivations with a style that [is] fascinating – a thoroughly enjoyable, page-turner of a read.’ – Long and Short

‘This imaginative writer stands a lot of the expected cliches on their heads.’


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